Reach out to each other via email, phone, text, other media to ensure all members are supported. Please follow government COVID-19 Government Protection Framework in place for your regional location.

It is vital during this time when face-to-face meetings may have been suspended members remember that the finances of the Groups, Areas and the NZAGSO need ongoing financial support to keep serving the fellowship. Donations can be received via electronic means to your group/Area, contact your Group/Area Secretary/Treasurer or to NZAGSO bank account 06 0101 0591292 00.

New Zealand General Service Office (NZAGSO)

NZAGSO is now open to visitors during normal office hours – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 10am to 3.30pm.  Wesley Bicentenary Hall, 2nd Floor, 78 Pitt St, Auckland.

The New Zealand Government Covid-19 requirements at NZAGSO have now been removed. Choice regarding personal Health and Safety will be left for individuals to decide.


  • Please take the time to check the COVID-19 Government Protection Framework online.
  • The NZAGSB has no opinion on the use of vaccine passes, however, we do need to abide by the restrictions that the Government has placed on New Zealand under the traffic light system if we choose not to use passes.
  • We must always abide by the law and the regulations or procedures that apply to the venues we use.
  • Some meeting venues may ask for proof of vaccination before allowing access to the venue. This is an issue outside of Al-Anon /Alateen Family Group’s control.
  • Please look at options that are inclusive while providing safety and security for those who are anxious about what the new framework means.
  • If your group is meeting electronically or in a hybrid format, or decides to return to one of these formats, we encourage you to notify the NZAGSO to update your group’s meeting details on the NZ website.

The World Service Office (WSO) recognises the emergence of COVID‑19 variants of concern, particularly the Delta variant, has led some groups to begin re-evaluating their meeting approach if they have been meeting in‑person or in a hybrid format. As a clearinghouse of information for the Al‑Anon Family Groups, the WSO has no informed guidance to offer on health matters. As in every challenging situation though, our experience, strength, and hope encourage us to rely on the principles found in the Twelve Traditions and Twelve Concepts of Service as guides. In this situation particularly, we recognise the wisdom expressed in Tradition Two which urges the WSO, Districts, Areas, and groups to rely upon “one authority—a loving God as He may express Himself in our group conscience.”

In making informed decisions, we suggest groups, and Areas access reliable national and local health authorities to gain the knowledge necessary to talk to each other and reason things out. Al‑Anon’s Twelve Traditions offer guidance. Tradition One reminds groups that our common welfare should come first in these conversations. Tradition Four invites groups to be flexible in considering alternatives that limit personal contact, while Tradition Three reminds each group in part that “the only requirement for membership is that there be a problem of alcoholism in a relative or friend.” Of utmost importance is providing an environment which allows Al‑Anon newcomers and members the opportunity to feel safe and maintains the unity of the group.

Be creative

  • Try creating an online meeting.
  • Keep in contact with members by phone or email where appropriate.
  • Utilise group email and phone lists
  • Hybrid meetings that have face-to-face with opportunity to attend via an online platform.
  • Live stream the meeting.
  • Larger room to accommodate distancing for everyone to attend together.
  • Meet outdoors at your venue or somewhere appropriate.
  • Keep the meeting online until Green Light in your location.
  • Meet members where they are if they cannot come to a venue.

Remember to send through details to NZAGSO of electronic meetings email

We look forward to future updates when we will once again be able to welcome our members at the NZAGSO adhering to the Government Protection Framework requirements.

Thank you for allowing us to continue to be of service to our Al‑Anon Family Groups.