New Zealand Al-Anon General Service Board Newsletter

Interim Newsletter – 26 April 2022

Message from the NZ Al-Anon General Service Board on Service Vacancies

Group Representatives and Delegates, please share at your Groups and Area Assemblies.  For clear communication throughout the fellowship we rely on our representatives and service structure.  It is important for New Zealand Al-Anon members to know the current Board vacancies and the opportunity to serve.

As mentioned in the March 2022 Board Newsletter, New Zealand Al-Anon Family Groups are suffering from a shortage of members willing to do service at all levels. Members wanting more information about service roles on the NZ Al-Anon General Service Board (NZAGSB) will find it in the handbook.

Members wanting to know more specific facts and time involved are welcome to contact current or previous Board Members. Board members are often available to attend Area Assemblies to speak about service and answer any questions. Seek details from your Delegates. The Board is happy to have prospective Board members observe at a Board Meeting.

I do not want to reproduce the handbook to explain the roles, so here are the appropriate pages from the New Zealand Al-Anon – Alateen Service Handbook 2020

Composition of the NZAGSB and Length of Service – pages 80-82
NZAGSB Officers and Their Duties, Meetings and Attendance – pages 83-84
NZAGSB Agenda and Finances – page 85
NZAGSB Selected Committees – pages 86-93
Regional Board Members – pages 93-94

FREE to download the New Zealand Al-Anon – Alateen Service Handbook 2020

Current Vacant Roles Contact for more details Mobile Phone
Alternate Board Chair / Board Member Julie W 021 168 9737
General Secretary / RBM John B 027 555 5055
Arnold 027 452 5979
NRBM Tracy B 027 280 5673
Chris H 021 905 879
CRBM Sally-ann M 021 123 7596
SRBM / Editorial Chair Melda T 027 244 3850
Editorial Chair / SRBM Arnold 027 452 5979
Website Coordinator Julie W 021 168 9737
Archivist Chris W 027 839 7976
Sam M 021 155 5560
Vacant Roles in September 2022    
Executive Budget Chair Sam M 021 155 5560
Public Outreach Coordinator Tracy B 027 280 5673


Spread the word – service is exciting; service helps you discover your inner abilities; service extends your recovery; service brings the three legacies together into your life; service gives you a purpose; service is gratitude in action; service is giving what we have received; service is an opportunity for your Higher Power to help you grow out of your comfort zone; service builds confidence in your own well-being; service is getting to know yourself better in a supportive environment; and service is being there for others by sharing your experience, strength and hope.

Excerpts from B-30 Discovering Choices, Chapter 13. Building Relationships through Service. Pages 241-245

… Working together for a spiritual purpose, with everyone as an equal, can make our program more meaningful as a source of support and genuine fellowship. … Although some service roles have titles and job descriptions that might intimidate some, the people who fill those roles have endured the problems of alcoholism just as we have. …. If we haven’t yet engaged in service, it’s easy to think of all the reasons in the world why we shouldn’t. However, the magic of Al-Anon service lies in benefits that we cannot anticipate before we’ve actually done any service. … It’s impossible to think ourselves into recovery. We have to take action to learn and experience different behaviours.

Thank you for taking the time to be informed.

Yours in Service

Julie W



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