New Zealand Al-Anon General Service Board Newsletter

NZAGSB Newsletter – September 2022

NZASC Theme for 2023: “Moving Forward with Unity, Courage and Perseverance”


Dear Al-Anon and Alateen members

The purpose of this newsletter is to share with you some of the highlights from the Board’s Quarterly Meeting held on 3-4 September 2022.

Please enjoy and share these highlights, it is important for the democracy of Al-Anon that our fellow members know what we are working on, and we rely on our service structure for this to happen.

The Board met at the NZAGSO, six Board members and a minute taker were present.

The Board currently has only FIVE members with the Board agreeing that the AA Convention Chair works outside the Board. Taking into consideration this year’s theme chosen at Conference, we are aware that the lack of members filling service roles is an alarming situation for the fellowship to be in and we are calling for help from you, the fellowship, to fill these service positions available below:

Board Chair – Tracy B

Alt Board Chair – VACANT

General Secretary – VACANT

Treasurer – Liz A-S




Conference Chair – VACANT

AA Convention Chair – Jill K
(outside of the Board)


Exec/Budget Chair – VACANT

Public Outreach Coordinator – VACANT

Literature Chair – Kirsten W

Editorial Chair – VACANT

IAGSM 1 – Julie W

IAGSM 2 – Liz A-S

Alateen Coordinator – Paula B

National Website Coordinator – Tracy B

National Archivist – VACANT

NZ Al-Anon Service Office

NZAGSO is now open to Visitors. New Zealand Government Covid-19 requirements at NZAGSO have now been removed. Choice regarding personal Health and Safety will be left for individuals to decide. Volunteers are now regularly attending the office to assist the Office Manager with literature orders and other tasks.

We are always looking for volunteers to help the Office Manager with literature orders and other tasks. Contact NZAGSO to register your interest in participating in this awesome service opportunity. Email there is always room for more volunteers so contact NZAGSO if you are interested.

Conference Summary

As you may be aware, Conference has now concluded, and the Conference committee are diligently working on completing the Conference Summary for the fellowship to enjoy. It is with anticipation that this will be completed by the end of September.

WSO Appeal

In response to the appeal letter from WSO requesting financial assistance, the National Treasurer has advised that we collected $225.00 for the WSO appeal, and this donation has been forwarded on to WSO.

Area Equalised Contributions

The Area Equalised Contribution for 2023 NZASC has been set at $650.00 this is due by the 31 December 2022.

AA Convention 2023

Work is currently underway by the AA Convention committee for our participation at the AA Convention in Christchurch on 20-23rd January 2023. For more information, please see the attached flyer.


The National Alateen Co-Ordinator has had three requests for members to attend Alateen meetings around the country.

Wellington, Queenstown, and Auckland. Happily, an Alateen has arrived at the Balmoral Sunday Evening Meeting in Auckland.

Face 2 Face meetings are an important part of the NZAFG structure, and New Zealand follows the WSO guidelines. Currently worldwide there are no Alateen Electronic groups registered outside of the WSO APP or WSO structure. Please be aware that Alateen Electronic groups who wish to register outside of the WSO structure cannot be endorsed by NZAFG or be placed on the NZAFG website.

For help please contact Paula B National Alateen Coordinator.

  1. Consider an Alateen Coordinator on the Area committee.
  2. AMIAS is a great service role. Talk to your sponsor. Get ratified.
  3. A Pop-up Alateen meeting alongside an existing Al-Anon group.
  4. Do Public Outreach through AA, Schools, etc. Drop off Alateen newcomers’ packs.
  5. Have an Alateen presence at all AA Assembly’s with Al-Anon Alateen participation.

NZ Handbook and WSO Manual

When we are doing our service roles, it is great to have the knowledge and guidance of those who have come before us. Our NZ Handbook and the WSO manual are two tools that can help us with knowledge. It is recommended that every group have a current copy to assist their GR in their service role. Likewise, Delegates can be provided with a copy from their Area’s to assist with their service role.

After a large amount of work undertaken by the Literature committee, all NZ guidelines are now in the New Zealand Al-Anon – Alateen Service Handbook 2022 (purchase a hardcopy or download one free at NZ website

PN-27 – NZ follows the processes and procedures from the WSO Manual with details only for the NZ fellowship making up the NZ Handbook.



P24/27 – Al-Anon/Alateen Service Manual 2022-2025 is the WSO Manual which is available free to download from the WSO website, a hard copy is due later this year.


The WSO Manual has four sections:

  1. Groups at Work – how to start groups, sponsorship, the welcome, the closing, group business, service positions and more …
  2. Digest of Al-Anon and Alateen Policies – policies for the whole fellowship to follow on Alateen, anonymity, finances, services, CAL, PO and more …
  3. World Service Handbook – Elections, Assembly Procedures, World Service conference and more …
  4. Al-Anon’s Twelve Concepts of Service – fabulous explanations and readings on the concepts of Service.

Board Inventory

Doing an inventory is a helpful way for groups and areas to stay strong and healthy. This is also true for the New Zealand Al-Anon General Service Board. September is the time each year that the Board does its inventory. As with all inventories, we have gained some insights on area’s that we wish to work on moving forward:

  • Work groups, task forces and thought forces are saving time by performing detailed and time-consuming work that could not be accomplished as efficiently by the full board.
  • Board is an appropriate size
  • Does NZAGSB provide visibility and accountability of NZAGSB to the membership?
  • Does NZAGSB have effective processes to identify, select, recruit, orient and integrate prospective new NZAGSB members?

Permanent Electronic Meeting Registration at NZAGSO

Motions carried at the 2022 NZASC:

  1.   That NZASC accepts the World Service Conference policy of registering electronic meetings as Al-Anon Family Groups.
    i)  The NZAGSO will register any group designating itself as an Al‑Anon Family Group with the understanding that it will abide by the Traditions and that meetings will be open to any Al‑Anon member. (See “Alateen Policy” section for information on registering an Alateen Group.)   Refer to the Digest of Al‑Anon and Alateen Policies – Al-Anon/Alateen Service Manual 2022-2025 page 85.
    ii)  Please note: Due to safety concerns, Alateen groups meeting electronically are administered only by the WSO. The NZAGSO will not recognise, advertise, or register Alateen groups meeting electronically.
  2. That NZAGSO accepts registrations of permanent electronic groups for a one-year trial.
    i) New Al-Anon Family Groups which permanently meet only electronically who wish to register with the NZAGSO are to inform the NZAGSO of your intention to
    ii) Please supply the Area chosen by the Group conscience, the contact persons full name, phone number and email address, and a Revised Group Registration form will be forwarded to you.
    iii)  The Revised Group Registration will be continually worked on until the trial ends at 2023 NZASC.
    iv)  The autonomy of the group conscience will choose how the NZ website lists the group (showing either an email contact to gain access or the meeting ID and password for direct access).
    v)  By registering with the NZAGSO, as with face-to-face meetings, the group will ensure that all members understand the NZ structure and processes, including service roles and participation at Area Assemblies. Refer to the NZ Al-Anon – Alateen Service Handbook 2022.
    vi)  The Group will ensure all the Traditions are followed as would be done for face-to-face meetings.
    vii)  The group autonomy and group conscience will decide how Tradition 7 and Tradition 11 will be acknowledged.

Areas will need to start conversations at Assemblies and preparations about how to prepare for different scenarios that may occur to include a GR from a Permanent Electronic Al-Anon Family Group in their Area. The Area’s autonomy will decide on how Assemblies will be run ensuring the NZ structure is followed.

Area Delegates have information from the 2022 NZASC that will assist Groups and Areas concerning registration of Al-Anon Family Groups meeting face-to-face, hybrid or fully electronically.  Where there is no current Area Delegate a Board member will be made available by request through the General Secretary’s email


2022 – IAGSM in London, England on 13-15 October 2022
2023 – Al-Anon Family Group International Convention in Albuquerque, New Mexico on 29 June-2 July 2023
2023 – WSC on 20-23 April in Virginia Beach

Progress, Not Perfection – together we can make it


Thank you for taking the time to be informed.

Yours in Service




Attachment – Al-Anon Flyer for AA Convention, Christchurch, 20-23rd January 2023
AA Convention_2023_Al-Anon Flyer


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