New Zealand Al-Anon General Service Board Newsletter

March 2021

Please enjoy and share these highlights from our March 2021 Board meeting. It is important for the democracy of Al-Anon that our fellow members know what we are working on and we rely on our service structure for this to happen. Thank you for taking the time to be informed.

The Board met by Zoom on 6-7 March, all Board members were in attendance, we were pleased to welcome Kirsten and Cheryl to the Board. Kirsten will take over the role of Literature Chair and Cheryl the Chair of the Editorial Committee which has responsibility for the Messenger.

Tracy the Northern Regional Board member will complete one year in this role and finish at the 2021 conference as she will be relocating to the South Island. This leaves the Northern Regional, Central Regional and Southern Regional Board members’ roles vacant. This is of concern to the Board as the Regional Board members in addition to having a national focus, they also know what is happening in their Areas which is a valuable resource to the Board and the fellowship. Attached is more information on these roles.

Three of the Board members recently attended a TEAM Event at Dunedin where they spoke on Anonymity not Invisibility, the recent International Al-Anon General Service Meeting and Resolving Conflicts in Al-Anon, it was a great success. You may want to consider a TEAM Event for your Area, there is more information on our website on TEAM Events, or you can always contact the General Secretary.

The 58th AA Convention with Al-Anon participation which was held on Zoom on 23-24 January 2021. This was a great team effort by all our members involved. Over 100 members registered for the Convention, including international members. In addition to the main meetings, we were able to have three streams of events in four virtual rooms which included, an Alateen meeting, an International meeting and Long Timers meeting. We also had a number of Workshops including 12 Steps in 15 minutes. We have had very positive feedback from all members who attended.

Paula B the Alateen Chair wishes to remind all groups to make Alateens welcome. To assist with this a newcomers pack for Alateens will shortly be available, it would be good to have some in stock for Alateens. GSO will let Groups know through the GSO News when they are in stock and are available.

The Annual General Service Conference is to be held on June 2021 at the Friary in Auckland. All Board members and delegates will be in attendance.

In service

John B

General Secretary