Welcome to Hidden Talents!

We would love you to fill in this survey and forward it to us at New Zealand Al-Anon by post or email.

The idea behind having the survey is that our members, you, are our most valuable resource. We on the Board would like your help. Our goals are:

  • to support Healthy Groups,
  • to let everyone in our country know about Al-Anon Family Groups and
  • to imagine our place in the future.

We are working at thinking abundantly and realise our members are in abundance and are our most valuable resource.

In June 2012 we decided to trial using these member surveys to discover with your help what ‘Hidden Talents’ you have that you could share with us to carry out our goals. We need help with big and small jobs and we thank you for filling in the form. Building a membership skill data base will allow us to access the abundant expertise, talent, and experience that exist in our membership.

Any information you provide will not be shared with anyone, in any form, outside of the General Service Office without your permission. As always, your anonymity in our program will be maintained. By filling this in you are not agreeing to carry out your skills but you may be asked to help out.

Hidden Talent Survey