• Members share how they have improved a wide variety of relationships affected by alcoholism by using the program’s tools. Indexed, softcover. 335 pages.
  • Large Print Version. More daily inspiration from a fresh, diverse perspective. Insightful reflections reveal surprisingly simple things that can transform lives. Indexed. 384 pages.
  • An Al-Anon classic in large print! Inspirational readings relate Al-Anon philosophy to everyday situations, helping to make each day better than the one before. Indexed. 384 pages.
  • Large Print daily sharings from Al-Anon's adult children members are for anyone who wants to grow in acceptance, compassion, and understanding. Indexed. 383 pages.
  • Lois W., a co-founder of Al-Anon recalls the eventful years before and after the founding of AA and Al-Anon. Illustrated, indexed and 204 pages.
  • With a new introduction, foot-notes and appendix, the original text connects us with Al-Anon's roots. The hope that this book still offers the world is undeniable. Indexed and 208 pages.
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    Keeping Calm with the “Conflict Resolution Kit”

    Put these three items in your Conflict Resolution Kit for personal, group, and service arm


    (S71) Loving Interchange to Resolve Conflict - Wallet Card (Normal Price $3):  The laminated fold-out card provides a handy reminder for members and groups for ways to apply Al-Anon principles to resolve conflicts.

    (S72) Conflict Resolution Using Our 12 Traditions (Normal Price $11):  This set of cards describe how applying Traditions can help resolve differences.  Questions on each Tradition bring

    Al-Anon principles into the discussion.

    (S73) Talk to Each Other - Resolving Conflict in Al-Anon (Normal Price $13):  A 16 page booklet that helps groups and service arms use the information in S-71 and S-72, with many

    examples of their direct applications in Al-Anon conflict situations.

  • Al-Anon's story of growth and recovery as experienced by individual members and the fellowship as a whole over Al-Anon’s first 60 years. Indexed, softcover. 426 pages.